How does one learn Primordial Sound Meditation?

This course is easily learned in 4 short sessions    totaling a period of 7 hours that is learned over         two days.


Session 1. Introduction to the Basic Principles
This 2-hour group session includes a special video presentation by Dr. Deepak Chopra. You will learn
   the basic principles of Primordial Sound Meditation,  the use of mantras and the purpose of meditation.

Session 2. Individual Instruction
In this session, you come at the appointed time to   meet individually with the instructor. You will       receive your personal mantra and will be instructed      in how to use it. After instruction, you will practice     meditation for 30 minutes.


Session 3. Perfecting the Practice
During this two-hour group session, we will       review the practical aspects of meditation,           share experiences, and ask questions..

Session 4. Higher States of Consciousness
This final 2-hour group session includes another specially prepared video featuring Dr. Deepak      Chopra. He gives a glimpse of future possibilities      of growth on all levels. At the end of this session,    the group will meditate together.